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Decades have passed and cannabis growers are still debating whether which environment is the best one for cannabis plants, indoor growing or outdoor growing. Each method offers different benefits and advantages, but they also hold some downfalls. After reading this article, you will get to know the similarities and differences on each growing method and automatically you will identify the method that best fulfill your needs.

Today there are many companies that use both indoor and outdoor growing for their cannabis plants. Saying this, there is really no best way to cultivate this precious cannabis flowers, you will have to make the decision on your own. It will all depend on the place you live, the effort and care that you will have for the plant, the environment and weather that surrounds you and also, the amount money you’re planning on investing to grow cannabis.

Outdoor growing is the easiest method there is available out there. The main reason is because it’s basically free. The sun shines everyday, rain will hydrate the plants and the rich mineral soil will keep your plant in good shape. You need minimal equipment to start growing your plants outdoor, these might include: land or pots with good soil. Cannabis plants grown outdoor with sunlight are said to have full genetic potential. While this process sounds kind of easy and low maintenance, if you don’t live in a city where the weather conditions are good for the plant then you shouldn’t consider this method. Good weather conditions are optimal for high quality cannabis flowers, among these conditions are:

  • temperature should be in a range between 600F and 860F
  • it should receive about 7-8 hours of direct sunlight each day
  • good air flow circulation
  • humidity

Growing cannabis from its seed, no matter if hydroponically or organically, if you’re growing outdoors it’s possible and completely normal to encounter big predators, pests, insects or other animals, even humans causing mistreatment and harming the plants, but I’m sure that you don’t want these around your lovely cannabis buds, so it’s important that you check on your plants even though they are in “good” weather conditions.

Indoor growing is also used by many today. What cannabis growers love best about indoor growing is that the plants will be placed in a private space. That way you can relax because no one is going to be touching or playing with your plants. However, you or another person will need to be in charge of getting these “babies” all they need in order to keep them happy: light, humidity, ventilation, be placed in good soil, be served nutrients, minerals and plant food, balance their pH and protect them from diseases, among other things. Controlling every aspect to perfection is an everyday job and is essential in order for the cannabis plant to harvest some high quality flowers with nice trichomes.

Cannabis plants need 8 hours of light each day for them to grow their best and their fastest. There are various kinds of lights available in the market for each level of grower, from beginner to advanced or expert: CFL lights, LED lights, MH lamps and, HPS lights. CFL lights are the most economic on this list, they do their job and are recommended for beginners. LED lights are preferred by the eco-friendly growers since they require less electricity to light on. MH lamps and HPS lamps are smaller types but are the best on the market for indoor cannabis growing. Other materials that you may need to acquire before starting to grow indoors: miracle grow soil, pots, and a small fan. The miracle grow soil usually contains many healthy nutrients for your plant, otherwise, you should get some plant food. Proper air ventilation is also an important fact while growing indoors, this is the function of the small fan. This ventilation will allow to control the temperature by clearing away the heat that the lamps cause and help the plants perform air exchanges.

There is also a hybrid type of indoor and outdoor growing space. Most growers refer to it as indoor growing. Small amounts of people practice this method. It is used mainly if you’re growing on your home and you don’t want a room inside your house dedicated to cannabis plants. The actual difference between this tent method and indoor is that the plants will be placed inside a completely covered tent. Here the plants will have no direct sunlight. Instead, they will receive light to create energy from any of artificial lights that I mentioned before. You will have to buy these lights or the fan for the plants receive ventilation and temperature control. On the bright side, the herbs will be protected against predators and other humans you don’t want messing around with your weed. This method is actually good but uncontrollable. It could lead to unhealthy plants if you abandon them or leave them in harsh environments. Too much rain or drought will also disturb the temperature built by the plant, among other conditions that will make your plant suppress themselves and leaving with an awful outcome like bad quality buds or even killing the cannabis plant.

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