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As a beginner in the cannabis growing industry you may have wondered, of all the hemp seeds available in the market, which is the one that best fit your wants and needs. If you want to grow herb flowers, if you want to produce more hemp seeds, if your desire is to have low maintenance plants, or grow your own (hope it’s legal in your country) keep reading to know which type of seeds are the ones you’re really looking for. Here, I’m going to guide you through the different types of cannabis seeds available in the market and on INSANE SEEDS so you can relate to the different varieties. If you’re ever wondering where to buy cannabis seeds, know that you can shop for the best seeds in the market directly from your comfortable couch.

Now, let’s get to seeds. Is hemp the same thing as marijuana? Should you buy Regular seeds, Feminized seeds, Auto seeds, Hemp seeds? What’s the real difference?

On INSANE SEEDS we have a wide variety of Regular seeds, Feminized seeds, Auto flowering seeds and Hemp seeds. While the terms marijuana and hemp are both classified as cannabis, there are a few important differences about their side effects and usage. Hemp plants are also referred to as “industrial hemp” and mainly used to produce industrial products like: hats, paper, soap, clothing, among other things. The hemp plants usually contain low levels of THC, which is the chemical that makes you feel high; and high levels of CBD or Cannabidiol, the chemical that is biologically studied to treat many medical conditions like anxiety. On the other hand, marijuana plants produce higher levels of THC and lower levels of CBD, making a person feel “high” after consuming it.

Now, when we talk about Auto flowering seeds, we’re talking about another cannabis species. There are sativa, indica and another new type of flower called ruderalis. This type of plant, unlike sativa and indica, reach their flowering stage at a certain period of time and are a low maintenance plant, rather than regular or feminized seeds where you have to check and monitor the cannabis plants and care for it like if it was a baby.

Until today, many smart cannabis researchers have been taking advantage of this new type of plant by cross breeding it with sativa and indica plants to transform it and create a plant that automatically flower and produce trichome rich herbs. Trichomes are the small hairs and tiny crystals that cover up beautiful, and powerful stains. Trichomes serve as a defense mechanism against animals and insects in the cannabis plant. The cannabis flower attracts many insects, that’s the reason why you should keep them indoors, but it’s not necessary.

This Auto cannabis seeds make the plants grow really fast, some can mature by only two months, whereas a regular plant matures in three to five months. This type of plants are good for harsh weather conditions. The sad part is that their trichomes are usually weaker than regular seeds’.

Our recommendation is, if you’re going to buy Autoflowering seeds, you have to take in consideration that they’re not the best seeds in the market. Auto flowering seeds are mostly for rookies and beginners in growing medicinal marijuana, among other people who are not aware of the importance of the cannabis plant life cycle and its daily treatment. If you have knowledge of the care routine of the cannabis plant, then you will get along with most of the cannabis seeds. 

Regular seed packs contain both female and male seeds. Growers of marijuana flowers are mostly only interested in the feminized cannabis seeds. This “feminized” seed plant grows on without breeding seeds and they’re often referred to as “sensimilla”. The only reason that growers stick male and female plants together is only if he or she is interested in producing more seeds.

It’s impossible to recognize if the seed is feminized or not, they re identical on the outside. You can’t tell if the plant comes from feminized seeds or not. Feminized seeds mean that a female plant was crossed with another female plant, making an XX x XX combination in their DNA. With feminized seeds you will be sure that all plants will also be female. Whilst regular cannabis seed packs can contain male, female, and hermaphrodites.

When managing different cannabis seeds, there will always be a risk that some may be hermaphrodites. Hermaphrodite plants have both female and male particularities and should be treated as male plants. Here is a picture of how you can identify if your cannabis plant is female, male or hermaphrodite.

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