White Widow


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5 feminized seeds


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The Absolute Classic Strain

There are a lot of marijuana strains that have cropped up over the past few decades, but none is as iconic as the White Widow. A year after it was introduced to the world, this Indica dominant strain won first place in the High Times Cannabis Cup. With THC levels reaching up to 25%, there is no wonder why this legendary strain is still popular and relevant up to this day.

When you talk about White Widow, you are in for a treat with its defining mental high and delightful cerebral stimulation. The euphoric rush is nothing quite like it; hence many are still at awe with it up to this day. Aside from its head rush, this iconic strain will render you unable to move a muscle.

Best enjoyed in the afternoon for some downtime; this strain remains to be a valuable addition to a line of medical marijuana thanks to its potent ability to relieve pain and stress as well as induce a good night sleep.