Rainbow Wreck


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Trainwreck x MoonBow # 75

Flowering time 75 days

6 feminized seeds per pack


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Rainbow Wreck is an indica/sativa variety from Archive Seed Bank and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of 75 days) and outdoors. Archive Seed Banks Rainbow Wreck is/was only available as feminized seeds.

Rainbow Wreck, on one hand, is inherited from one of North America’s most famous Sativas, Trainwreck, which offers abundant yields, citric and spicy flavours and a strong effect. On the other hand, to make it less wild and transmit its strength to modern hybrids, it was crossed with Moonbow # 75, which makes it more compact and incorporated a sweet and fruity touch to its terpene profile.

Rainbow Wreck structure is reminiscent of Ecuadorian Sativas, like chandeliers with long spear-shaped flower colas, but with shorter internodal distance inherited from Moonbow. Rainbow Wreck matures in about 75 days, offering a medium-high yield of large resin-coated flowers.

Rainbow Wreck is resistant to insect pests, it is a strong cannabis plant easy to cultivate thanks to its hybrid vigour and adaptability.

Rainbow Wreck, strong aroma and high tripose effect
Rainbow Wreck delivers a strong aroma and a high trippy effect. Its terpenes profile combines spicy, woody and floral notes in a sweet and acidic background, a perfect expression of its parents’ traits.

This complex aroma is accompanied by a high stimulating and energising effect, evolving towards a more relaxed, intense and long-lasting stage thanks to its THC level of 29%.