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Northern Cheese Haze


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Genetic: Exodus Cheese x Northern Lights #5/Haze F2 (cutting) x Fantasmo Express F4 Regular auto

Flowering Time 65+ Days

7 Auto Seeds


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Northern Cheese Haze is a medium sized plant with fair sized internodal gaps. Her little foliage allows light to penetrate more easily what results in a nice multi-branched plant without too much effort at all. Few phenotypes can be found within the line, some bring about fatter shorter nugs, and others with more stretch but the end result is a very similar yield and they both have in common a very compact structure resulting in firm buds and a sublime end product. She doesn’t afford too many trichomes on the fans but the flowers get quickly enveloped in a generous coating. Expect a beautifully spicey musky cheesey aroma. The smoke is as you would expect, powerful. A blend of day-dreamy to couchlocking goodness and packed with unique flavours. A lovely plant to grow with compact tough frosty delicious nuggets.