Colin OG RbX (Fem)


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Grateful Dawg* x (Grateful Dawg x The White)

*Dead Head OG cut from Irie Genetics

Flowering time: 60-70 days
Yield: Average
Total Cannabinoids: 27-30%

Terpenes: Classic Sour OG with hints of grape and cherry

Effects: Heavy and long lasting

• Flowering Time: Indoor 8-10 Weeks / Outdoor Mid-Full Seasons

• Terpene Profile: Complicated combo of citrus leans to rich oranges. Sandalwood, earthy chem, grapefruit, sour grape candy.



She’s a strong plant that keeps a medium height and fairly strong lateral branching. The more stocky phenos enjoy a regular defoliation. She can give large yields of flower and oil once she’s dialed in. She loves the outdoors and finishes fairly early but keeps growing and changes colors dramatically when she ripens. Various purple shades come out from almost black to vibrant magenta.


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