Baked Bananas (Reg) NEW

Wedding Cake x Banana Og bx1

11 Regular Seed

-Loud Vanilla cake sweet banana smell

-Stoney high

-some purple

-Grows like og, nice growth speed and stretch

$160.00 $200.00

Baked Bananas is a cross we made when hitting the Wedding Cake clone with our proven Banana Og bx1 stud.

The banana Og bx1 stud is based around orgnkid’s banana og cut. The exact break down of our banana Og bx1 stud is banana og x banana fire cookies. We made banana fire cookies when we hit the banana og cut with fire cookies. We made fire cookies by hitting gsc forum cut with fire og bx1. For those that don’t know, fire cookies is a staple of ours. We found our infamous Cherry Cookie clone in our Fire Cookies.

Baked Bananas is nothing but elite genetics. The offspring are exactly what we had hoped for. Testers reported back finding split phenos that smell like LOUD vanilla cake with bananas. Most had a stoney high. Some phenos purpled up. Almost all plants grew like og, nice vigorous growth and a good stretch. Several testers reported heavy yields.

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