Never heard of TH Seeds? Then crawl out from under that rock and smell what Adam Dunn is cooking. This legendary American born breeder, has been Dutch by convenience since 1993 and now finds himself safely rooted back in Denver Colorado since 2010.
Established in 1993 and originally called CIA/KGB, or Cannabis In Amsterdam/Know Good Buds, this seed bank is best known for its Original Bubblegum but continued to put out winner after winner. Doug and Adam Dunn’s MK-Ultra and SAGE (Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium) earned numerous Cannabis Cups, and new projects such as Burmese Kush and Sage ‘n’ Sour continue to rack up the awards for T.H. Seeds. Their HOG strain caused quite a stir as well after winning the Best Indica-Seed Bank category in the 2002 Cup.
In 2010, Adam Dunn, Hemp Kingpin Ditches Amsterdam for Denver
Fast forward to 2015, T.H. Seeds now holds over twenty of the Highly acclaimed High Times Cannabis Cups. In 2007, TH Seeds and Adam Dunn were entered into the High Times Seed Bank Hall of Fame. T.H. Seeds has also been featured in High Times Magazine, Weed World, THcene, Skunk Magazine, Dope Magazine, and NW Leaf.
CNN coined Adam Dunn “The Kingpin Of Hemp” in 2010 for his major roll in Industrial Hemp .If you haven’t already, I highly suggest you grow some of Adam Dunn’s highly sought after cannabis genetics and The Adam Dunn Show.

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