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The cannabis plant naturally grows with a strong scent that can be overpowering and instantly noticeable. The perfume of each plant varies depending on the strain and it is usually herby and woody but it may also come with a more fruity or earthy aroma. The part of the plant that makes them irradiate this strong smell are the trichomes. These so called trichomes are small hairs that can be found among the marijuana buds and are also responsible for the flavor and medicinal properties of the cannabis flower. Therefore, there are not really existing strains that come without their rich piney smell.

Growing cannabis indoors may have various benefits, but it could surely leave your entire home smelling like a marijuana flower. If growing is something you’d like to keep private, keep reading because here I will recommend some methods that will help to reduce the smell of cannabis inside your home. As you may know by now, growing cannabis is not an easy job if you want a high quality bud as an outcome. The enclosed space you’re growing in should have enough ventilation for the plants to be able to exchange natural gases to keep the plant healthy. To reduce the smell of growing indoors, add an anti-odor carbon filter to your exhaust system. This filter should be placed in the growing space as high as possible. Below you can see an image of one of the most recommended air carbon filters on the market for cannabis growing and how it works.


This is one is Vivosun 8” Air Carbon Filter Odor Control. It controls most undesirable odors and delivers 100% filtered airflow while capturing air contaminants. I recommend you check out their page if you’re looking for other growing tools. Another method you can try to dress up the cannabis odor is turning on candles or humidifiers for a long-term effect and, incenses or spraying room fresheners as short-term effect.

If you are smoking marijuana indoors there is a 99.99% chance that someone else in the same house already caught the smell of your meditation medicine. Here I will give you some tips and tricks to keep your session more private and what to do after smoking to prevent your whole house smelling like weed. There are different types of forms to smoke cannabis: joint, bong, blunt, and many others. If you’re smoking in your bedroom perhaps and want to be private about it, put a towel at the bottom of your door to keep the air from flowing through. Turn off the a/c and open only one window in your room and prevent cross ventilation at this moment. Smoke your greens with a fan by your side in direction to the open window. Also, you can create a filter with the brown carton part of a toilet paper and a nice smelling dryer sheet with an elastic band on one end and blowing out the smoke through the filter, but it won’t help as much, so I will leave it up to you! Below an image of how it looks.


If you’re having a blunt or mixing any cannabis flower with tobacco, you will probably have a hard time getting the smell out of your room and house. Don’t try this method if you’re trying to keep your relaxing session on the “down low”. If this is your case, after smoking open all the doors and windows that you can and turn on one or more fans to try get it all out. Get all the stuff out your house and repaint walls and clean your floor deeply. Also, revitalize your furniture and carpet with refreshers and light up a candle or turn on a humidifier if you have one. Incenses are an old trick that also works, but if you’re not a fan of incenses or just rarely light one up it may cause some suspicion. I like using a reed diffuser with rich fragrance natural oils to light up my room with a pleasing aroma for a long-term effect without having to light it up. The images below shows a home-made on the left and luxury LADENAC reed diffuser on the right.

as it is difficult to get rid of the cannabis flower smell, you may be wondering how and where you can store it discreetly. For many years cannabis growers and users tend to store their fresh buds in an airtight space, like a mason jar. Today, even medicinal cannabis dispensaries use big mason jars to store the cannabis flowers and keep them crisp, so it is a sign that it is the best way to store this smelly flower. To help decrease if you’re still worried that the scent will trespass the jar, try placing them among fresh grounded coffee. 

            Growing, Smoking and storing marijuana can lead you to trouble if you don’t want to get detected. Some tips for controlling the cannabis smell are listed above. The recommendations above will fortunately help reduce the strong marijuana smell under many circumstances.

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