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Growing Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds: Tips and tricks from start to end. Leave a comment

If you’re interested in growing cannabis, while shopping for seeds you may have encountered various types of seeds in the market like: Regular, Feminized, Hemp… but what about Auto seeds? Its name can traduce itself. Auto seeds are a blend of ruderalis cannabis plant with an indica or sativa strain. They are called “auto” because they are genetically modified so the plant can grow and start producing flowers in less amounts of time, rather than waiting for the whole light life cycle. Of a regular or feminized seed cannabis plants. Auto seeds take usually about 3 to 4 weeks to harvest. You can find a whole menu of auto seeds on our online shop:

Step by Step Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Guide

Below I will guide you into a step by step process that can guide you to start growing the cannabis auto flowering seeds no matter if it’s indoor in a room, tent or outdoors.

1. Germination and Seedling

The germination process takes about one to three days. Germination is when the seed pops out its very first root. It is your decision to place the seed in a paper towel and then move it on to the pot, but cannabis growers some prefer to place the seed directly in the soil. Auto flowering seeds and plants don’t need many nutrients to grow, so use low mineral, airy and fluffy soil. Do a small hole about 2 inches from ground, put in the auto flowering seed, cover it lightly with the soil, and water it just a little. Remember, the plant needs warmth to grow, so if you live in cold weather climates, it might result a bit difficult. Try growing in a temperature-controlled room or wait for summertime from May to August, depending on where you live. The plant’s pH level should remain in the 6-6.5 range and maintain a high level of humidity.

2. Vegetative Time

The vegetative time can be identified when your plant starts developing the big fan leaves. The cannabis herb will start its photosynthesis process, more fan leaves means more photosynthesis, means rapid growing. After there are four big fan leaves visible, slowly add a little bit of grow boosters. You will need about 1/4 cup of the normal doses regular seeds require. In this part of the life cycle, if you’re growing with lights, (recommended) alternate your lamp from blue to white light in the whole process. Hang it three to four feet away above from the plants. Share a 250W light bulb with four or more plants to avoid causing stress to your plants. The plant should receive a maximum of twelve hours of light by this time. Set a timer to your lights so you don’t forget to turn them off and mistreat your green hemp herbs.

3. Flowering

You will enjoy seeing the first baby cannabis buds on your plants maybe in the third week of your plant’s life. The moment you see buds on your plant, change the lamp color to red and apply higher doses of nutrients and grow boosters by this time. Fan leaves will be bigger at this stage, cut the lower leaves that are not receiving sunlight because of the higher leaves that are shadowing them. Fan leaves are your BFF’s so DON’T cut them all. Leave mostly the top leaves and bend your plant slightly in a diagonal direction, for an inch, so every leave receives light from your lamp or sunlight. In this part of the process you may give from twelve to 17 hours of sunlight to your plants. Don’t forget the lamp timer!

4. Harvesting

Harvesting is not different from growing other cannabis seeds. Harvesting a cannabis plant means to the process where cannabis flowers are being extracted from the main plant for consumption or other uses. You can learn more about the cannabis harvesting and trimming process in our Cannabis trimming guide:

While auto cannabis seeds are a type that should be treated differently for their rapid process and growing, it’s really not much different from regular growing. These plants are good for rookies or marijuana grower beginners to try out their first batch. Auto flowering seeds are also recommended for people that want a fast production of cannabis flowers. 

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