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When you’re shopping for cannabis seeds, you will want to make sure you’re shopping for the correct and best seeds for your needs and wants. Here, on INSANE SEEDS we offer the best seeds in the market from the hottest growers in the United States! Below I will be providing you value information that is going to be useful at the moment you start to grow your own cannabis seeds. We supply more than 20 different strains of auto cannabis seeds. You can check out our auto seeds inventory here:

Auto seeds might be the best thing out there. They are preferred by some because they flower in small period compared to regular plants from regular or feminized cannabis seeds. These seeds will also flower regardless of the period of the year they’re in.

Auto flowering seeds have a 90% assurance of germination, so you don’t have to worry that the seed won’t grow as a plant. After you have the small, brown, hard pellet in your hands, there are a few methods that you can try to germinate your cannabis auto seed or seeds. Now, I’m going to discuss the top three different types of ways you can complete to germinate your seeds: paper towel, glass of water, and straight into the soil germination. While there may exist other types of germinating the seeds like germination trays or honeycomb seed germination, these are favored since every time you transplant your cannabis plant it might become weaker or stressed.


The germination process is defined as the initial part of the lifecycle of a plant where the first small white root appears and becomes visible. You can germinate the seeds the exact same way you germinate a regular cannabis seed, but if you’re not experienced in the industry, try to follow only one of these steps:

  1. Paper Towel Germination

This type of germination is one of the oldest and easiest. You will add water to two paper towels and drain them a little until it they’re just damp. Over watering the paper towels or leaving the sheets dry may paralyze the effect of germination. After you have placed the seeds in between the damp pieces of paper, wait for about 3-7 days until you get to see the small white tip of the baby root. Ta da! You have germinated your seed!

2. Glass of Water Germination

If you’re planning to grow more than three cannabis seeds, this method may be of your preference. Place a maximum of five seeds in a small 6oz., half-filled, glass of water. If you have greater amounts of seeds, then bring out another glass of water and place them five seeds for each container. The water should be warm (74-790F).Wait 3-7 days and you will start to see the white baby root. Ta da! Ready to plant your seed into the light mineral soil.

3. Straight into the Soil Germination

This method is preferred by most growers. I’m not saying is the best way to do it but it has higher benefits than other types of germination. Planting your seed directly into the soil and final plant pot can reduce stress of your plant. Replanting and changing your plant from pots to pots can cause stress on the plant and you might end up with a poor outcome. Placing seed into the soil is a natural process and one also incredibly easy. Just bring out the final and big pot you will use to remain your plant until the end of it’s life cycle of harvest time. Fill if out with smooth and small amount of nutrients soil, because auto seeds need less nutrients and minerals than regular seeds and plants. Place your seed about 4 mm into the soil and cover lightly with soil. Water your seed and pot until the soil remains humid but not wet.

The germination process should be taken care of in a warm and humid place. The right temperature for it to sprout should be in between 740F to 800F. Also, remember to keep it humid and moist through the whole process. After, it grows two small leaves which are important for the plant’s health. In this phase, your plant is like a baby. So, remember all the important facts of growing. You can check out this blog on how to Grow Auto Flowering Cannabis seeds here: Hope you grow some nice plants!

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